16 April 2013


  1. What a character, your Grand Uncle John. You evoke him so well and so fully with an interplay between these vivid photos, the information you have about his service, his physical stature, and the anecdote about the only time he cried. Your word "sturdy" is perfect. A brave, self-confident, and constitutionally cheerful man. (The picture of your Uncle Daniel wearing John's medals is priceless.) John was a buoyant influence on both the military and his family, it sounds like.

    John's British way of "carrying on," and with such a fun-loving spirit, obviously affected all who knew him, And you are the relative who is preserving his name and personality. It doesn't have to be parents and children, I think. We are all parents, and all children to each other.

    I really like your method of placing the pictures (or evidence) side by side and imagining what must have happened between them. That's a meditation full of cause and effect, and very fruitful. I feel as if I know John.

    By the way, from your picture, you must have the Cosgrove hair.

  2. Ah, Mariann, as usual you're incredibly kind, and I value your insights. I do, indeed, have the 'Cosgrove' hair. ;-)


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