16 December 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Introducing Aunt Edeliza (Richards Hunt)

                                                                                                                                  St Louis Dec.

My dear Ginnie

We have had a bride here for some time, and a house full of company, which has occupied our time, and we are now alone. This is election day, and all is quiet, but I fear McClellent has no chance from what I can learn, the bayonet rule's our country. I never felt so gloomy. I don’t see any thing to hope for, we have been in great trouble in our state and God only knows when it will end, but you see our papers and it is not necessary for me to speak of the blood shed in our city.
I have heard of your uncle Bishop Cavanaugh who is now in St Louis, and [next page]

[Continued from prior page] I told Mr Lefton to invite him to see us, but I have not had the pleasure of seeing him yet. I received your kind and most acceptable letter after your return from Laura’s but your other letter you speak off I did not receive. Your visit was very short to Laura I would have enjoyed being with you very much; it has been so long since I have seen dear Laura. I regretted hearing of Mr Richards making a change in his business. I thought he was doing well, when you write to Laura give much love to her for each one of us, and tell her we would love dearly to see her and her husband, and her sweet children.
I am too [next page]

[Continued from prior page] sorry to hear Charley has been unfortunate in his business. I hope in this he has made up all his losses. How I would love to have a good chat with you both this evening. I am thankful my dear child to hear your health has improved. I long to see you both, tell Ida she must not forget me. Does Charley hear from friends in Georgia? I have not had a line from Mary for months__ you say you expect a visit from Helen. I expect she is a very sweet girl, you must tell me all about her. I regret to hear of Hattie, expectations, is Mr Wade in business? I had a sweet little not from Mollie, tell me how they boy’s are doing and how your Ma get’s along? Do you ever see aunt Burnet? or Mrs Bliss [next page]

[Continued from prior page] I wrote the latter a long time since but have not had a line from her. When you see her give my love to her. Brother William is much improved in health, his family are well except Edeliza, her health is not very good. Jimmy is still with us altho he has been expecting to go on a boat for some weeks, that is still unfinished, he often speaks of you both. Belle and Nellie are in their usual health, the family one, and all join me in much love to you both. Give my love to all friends.
Kiss Charley and Ida
For yours
Truly attached

Aunt Edeliza