27 April 2013

Sibling Saturday - The Trio From Arkansas


  1. Very sweet story of these great siblings who fill your home with love and laughter. Love the names, too! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. A family! Kittehs are so precious to have around. They give as much to a household as they take from it, and then some. Our daughter has three kittehs, a girl and two boys. The girl (Bean) is older (19), black, and dominates the boys (Pip and Thumbs). She is small, but they are huge and have so much fur they look like lions--one golden,one black and white. She doesn't let them get away with anything.

    I love the story of how these kittehs came to you, as dramatic as they stories of babies being born. You were obviously "fated" to have them -- for heavens sake, they asked you to take them home. A great solution for everyone. It just grows the amount of love and entertainment in the family.

  3. Laura, great feature! Quick question for your . . . I'm noticing that you are publishing via Scribd more and more. rather than publishing directly to your blog. Why have you chosen this method?

  4. Celia and Mariann - I'm glad that you enjoyed their story! They are (and will continue be) an incredible addition to our family.

    Liv - Thank you! I started using Scribe because I received some complaints that the way I was formatting the blog (light letters on the dark background) was nearly impossible to read in Google Reader. I haven't had any negative feedback on the change so I have continued to present it this way. What do you think?


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