08 April 2013

Motivation Monday - Let's Get it Started...Again


  1. Hi, Laura! You sound like you are doing a lot, even during your "hiatus," and you always "feel through" your work so carefully and sensitively. I respect you for being so honestly in touch with your emotions about this genealogy quest (for me, it gets very emotional sometimes) and dealing with the job head on.

    How many ways I can relate to what you're doing, I can't even count! I'll just give a sample:

    Came across a picture of my paternal great-grandmother, which I'll get around to posting sometime, and she looks just as "distinctive" as your paternal 2nd great-grandmother. A little scary, to tell the truth.

    I'm on the home stretch for archiving my genealogical material, and I've chosen some libraries and some family members to be custodians. (Also will give the family members library references.) Thanks to you.

    I'm also deep into family tree work..finally broached a 3rd cousin's tree of mostly unknown family. It has 274 peeps. I'm on #83, checking documentation in a first-pass manner. Ancestor charts from Ancestry.com will be headed for the archive in a few months, I hope.

    I think losing motivation for a while is about keeping sanity -- and it's that way for everyone. No one can go full-tilt at the windmills all the time.

    I'm glad you're back on Twitter, to have some fun chatting!

    Take care!

    1. Mariann, sorry it took me so long to respond! I'd completely forgotten I'd turned on the 'moderation' for comments on the blog (I had 60 comments, only 2 weren't Spam...ugh). Anyway, thank you so very much for commenting!! I teeter back and forth about how much to say, or not say, but in the end I hope that people can appreciate the challenges we don't always anticipate when we start genealogical research. I am, however, ecstatic that you're doing so well with protecting and preserving your materials and ensuring that their stewardship goes on. And, did you know, those dang windmills can run pretty fast!! :-)


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