12 February 2016

Friday Follow - Changing the Changes for a Change

If it weren't for a number of genea-friends who've mentioned their dusty blogs, I might not be writing this. I've spent a lot of time writing posts on Facebook, and realized that I'm missing a lot by doing that. For one thing, I'm missing out on all the cousins I have, who I haven't connected with, by limiting the scope to Facebook. For another thing, I really do enjoy telling the stories of my ancestors, as well as myself, in a more 'literary' way.

My tiny little Life has gotten in the way of my Work, both of the Archives variety and the Genealogy variety. I haven't answered calls for papers or lectures, and it's only been providence that's allowed me the privilege of speaking for a number of groups last year! My passion hasn't waned, it's just that there's a finite number of minutes in a day and I've had to make some hard choices about what to do and what not to do. I have NOT given up on my genealogical research; frankly, I've made some really great advances!  But, of course, no one's going to know if I don't write about it.

So, I've re-launched my website at www.fromrootstoleaves.com

And wrote a blog post.  

I'm the Last Leaf on This Branch...I'm a shaky leaf...did I get your attention...??  

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