20 December 2015

Blog Caroling 2015: The Boar's Head Carol

Thanks to Pat Richley-Erickson for posting to the Friends of fM page:


Our beloved colleague and editor/publisher of Shades of the Departed, the divine fM, came up with the marvelous idea on a winter's eve, many years ago. This year, as a gift to footnoteMAVEN, we continue to celebrate the tradition, as any good genealogist would do. (With fM's permission, of course!)"

My submission for this year is The Boar's Head Carol. It's an ancient song that I've loved ever since I heard it as a child. Enjoy!

The Boar's Head Carol

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  1. I'm glad this tradition continues. Wonderful song! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas this week!


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