31 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Tobias Bigler (Beighler or Beightler), c 1805 - 1890, Union County, Ohio

Image from personal collection.


  1. Laura, how neat that someone took the trouble not only to identify this man but to provide a little synopsis of his migration, AND a date for the photo! Wish I could be so lucky with the photo cards in my collection! He looks like quite the distinguished gentleman.

    1. Hi Shelley! Thanks for posting...it's nice to hear from you.

      A.H. was the grandson of Tobias Bigler through Samuel Bigler/Beightler. A.H. was clearly a man of means; I found an ad he'd placed in the Marysville newspaper in March, 1880:

      "$100,000 to Loan On long time to farmers in Union County, accured by first mortgage on improved farms. Interest one percent. lower than heretofore. No Life Insurance. For particulars, please call on
      A. H. BEIGHTLER Marysville, Ohio Attorney at Law"

      There's a great piece in one of the histories of Union County about Tobias; of course it speaks glowingly about who he was. He was the father of at least 14 children and was himself one of 12. I've only scratched the surface in researching this family, and I'm really looking forward to being in Marysville in a few weeks to see where he lived and find out if the Historical Society has information on the family.


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