22 October 2011

Saturday Surnames - PENN and RICHARDS

Ah, the joys of returning to genealogical research after taking a hiatus. This last one lasted about 3 years; I strongly doubt there will be a time in the future when I'm not doing some kind of genealogical research. 

I've been doing research on and off for more than 15 years, and I like to think that I fit into the 'advanced' range of researcher. At the same time, a lot has changed in the last few years, which opens doors and creates the opportunity to get even more information in a wide variety of formats. It's really clear to me that there is more awareness of genealogy as a whole; out of four blind emails I sent requesting information from potential family connections, I've received three responses. It's awesome!

Of course, there's that ONE GUY. Yes, you're sitting there nodding in agreement. Man or woman, makes no difference. This person alludes you no matter what you do. *Just* when you think you've found them, you realize you were searching on the wrong line. Or the courthouse burned down. Or they're in the Witness Protection Program. So frustrating! Which makes this SO much fun!!

My 'one guy' is actually the relationship between RANDOLPH RICHARDS and MARY PENN RICHARDS. I know he was born in 1830 but have no birth documentation. Census records show he was born in both Kentucky and Ohio, with his burial record showing his place of birth as Felicity, Clermont County, Ohio. I know he was married in 1857 to Laura Louisa Greene in Cincinnati, Ohio and died in 1870 in Cincinnati, Ohio. What I need to locate is the EVIDENCE of his connection to his parents, who I BELIEVE are John R. Richards and Mary PENN. 

One of the first documents I received when I started this 15 years ago was a handwritten 'genealogy' chart of this Richards family, but nothing to properly prove the information. I recently uncovered an 1850 Census record showing Randolph, his sisters Eveline and Caroline, living with their mother MARY, who was 61. Randolph and Laura also had an infant daughter who died who they had named MARY P. Richards. Still, nothing to prove the connection.

So, I'll put it out to all of you wonderful genealogy fans: Connection or Witness Protection ?

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