31 January 2013

Thriller Thursday - The Evidentia Webinar Post I Didn't Think Would Happen

In an effort to share the workshop webinar I co-presented with Russ Worthington hosted by DearMYRTLE, and provide a little incentive to get your homework done (yes, there was a homework assignment!) I created this screen-shot review of what was covered AND a bit of a preview of what will be covered next Monday.  [Note: this is a long post, and I have to admit to spending far more hours trying to force it to cooperate than I should’ve. Lesson learned!] I’ve had a few people contact me through my Social Media channels; I’m new to this software too (it’s only been available for sale for a month or so) but I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as I can, so please don’t hesitate to ask! Here you go, and…


  1. I enjoyed the webinar thanks so much for your efforts. Haven't started on the homework yet. Eeek. Do you plan to run every claim through Evidentia or just the tricky ones?

  2. I haven't decided whether to do only my more complicated lines or all of them. I'm leaning toward all. Yes, it's a ton of work. But the result will be a GPS solid family tree. I may not be able to make any leaves, but maybe I can make the trunk strong.

    Thanks for reading and commenting...I really appreciate it.

  3. Laura, thank you for presenting the Evidentia webinar with DearMYRTLE. I've begun working on my homework and have a question: After creating my first source (a 1915 New York State Census record) I don't know what to put in the "Citation Title" field. It automatically fills with " - Citation 1" and the Citation field is filled with the citation created in the previous step. Is the Citation Title simply a reference for me to use personally, or is it intended to have a different use? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Hi Doug,
      Great question! Sorry I didn't cover that. As with the Source title, the Citation title is for your purposes only. Just be aware that for whatever naming convention you choose, there is an 80 character limit (although, you'll probably want something shorter than that.)

      Hope this helps!!


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