21 November 2011

Amanuensis Monday - '...very cute, good looking machine...'

Sept 19, 1923

Dearest Frances:

We did enjoy your letter of the 15th so much - That darling baby she must take an awful lot of watching and care - but as she is a baby only once, one might as well take the time and enjoy her while she is a baby - I would not worry about doing the other things, because they can wait, and she is needing all the attention now

What size do you buy her dresses - perhaps I can see some bargains here, if I know her size - I surely would not make her dresses when you can get them for such prices - just think of the work you save in your sewing - it fairly gives me a spasm to think of her standing up in her high chair - she is so quick -

Be careful how you carry her so much - I am afraid you will hurt yourself - it will not be long before she can walk and that will help you when you take her shopping - you surely canned a lot of pickles & tomatoes - I have not canned much this summer - Nell has not been at all well and the doctor says she is a very much rundown condition - I feel very much worried about her - she has not been well since last spring -

She bought the goods for the baby's winter gowns and I am going to make them soon - 

I am so glad you bought such a lovely davenport - and hope it has been sent out to you before this time - 

Father Wersel would enjoy the Radio concert very much I am sure - they had quite a programme at the Grand Hotel last evening - 

Roger is out in Southern Indiana in his machine - Horace takes Mary out in his, every evening they ride all the time - he has a very cute, good looking machine - he paid $18 $5 down (I think) and $35 per month - 

All send love to Victor dear - Virginia and your own self - take good care of your health and keep well and happy - 



Letter from Laura Louise Richards Wersel to Frances Jeffrey Wersel regarding Virginia Wersel Ill, Frances and Victor Wersel's first child. Mailed from 3714 Woodland Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio to 1319 Kenilworth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois on September 19, 1923.

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  1. Absolutely lovely! And, lots of advice that holds up even now. Thanks for sharing.


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